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EYFS - 15th June 2020

Home Learning

Daily maths activities
(aim to do at least 1 per day)

Daily English activities
(aim to do at least 1 per day)

• Watch the daily videos and complete the activities on White Rose Home Learning.  The theme this week is The Snail and the Whale.

  • Maths Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20 challenge
  • Ask your grown-up to tell you a number. Place this number of raisins, fruit or cereal pieces on your plate. If your grown-up says ‘one more’, can you add one more and say the number you have? If your grown-up says ‘one less’, can you eat one then count the number you have left?




  • Phonics with Mrs Jones (phase 3 sounds)
  • Click on the link to BBC Bitesize for phase 3 phonics videos, activities and games.  Choose a sound appropriate for you.
  • Play a lucky dip game. Ask a grown-up to write out some tricky words onto small pieces of paper, fold them up and place them in a container. Pull out a word and copy it onto paper or a whiteboard. You may like to try the words; you, they, all, are, my and her.   Choose your favourite book – how many of these tricky words can you find?  Can you use these tricky words in a sentence?  Remember your capital letters and full stops.

    Use your phonic skills to help your grown-up write a shopping list.

    Can you write a menu for your breakfast, lunch or dinner so everyone in your house knows what they are having?


Mental health and well-being activities

      or ‘I can’t stop the feeling’ from the Trolls

and do some free dancing.Dance like no one is watching!  (Your teachers do this all the time, it’s good fun!)

  • Take part in some Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Use the resources you have at home to do some free drawing or painting.

Put some calming music on and complete the All about me pattern tracing activity on emotions.





This week’s topic: Feelings and Ocean Day

  • Watch ‘Inside out’ if you can.
  • Write a film review.  What did you like?  What made you laugh? How many stars will you give it?
  • There are 5 main emotions is the film – joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust.  Do you know what these words mean?  Can you write a sentence with these words?   Can you act out the emotion?
  • Can you create a picture for each emotion?  What colours will you use?
  • We usually have a school sports day.  Can you plan an alternative sports day at home with your family?  What games or races are you going to include?
  • Can you make an obstacle course in your house or garden?  Make sure you have your grown-up’s permission and that it is safe.
  • Try a ‘chalk walk’ instead.  Using playground chalks write instructions on the ground to follow instead of using practical equipment.  “do 5 star jumps, hop on one leg for the count of 20, turn around and touch your toes, roar and stomp 5 times etc”
  • Skipping challenge – skip 20 times on day 1 and then increase by 10 extra skips each day. Can you complete a whole week?  How many skips will you have done in total?
  • Keep a diary of what you eat and drink each day.  Are you getting your 5 a day?  How much water do you drink each day?
  • Watch this video about kindness,  What acts of kindness can you do this week?  How can you bring colour into someone else’s world? It could be something as simple as tidying your toys away without being told or giving your grown up a big hug.
  • At the moment we are being asked to social distance and we can’t hug our friends and family in the way we are used to, learn how to use British sign language to give them a hug instead,
  • Finally, don’t forget it’s Father’s Day on Sunday 21st June.  You might want to make a card for your dad or someone special.

Please share anything that you make and do to our Twitter pages for us to see.