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EYFS - May 12th 2020

Please note this is a guide of what children will be doing in school, there is no requirement for all of these tasks to be completed each day! Timings are just a guide, do what suits you and your child each day.

Learning Timetable



10 minutes

Handwriting practise

Practise writing all the letters in the alphabet – are they correctly formed?

Click here for doorway letter formation

30 minutes

Can you remember what book we read yesterday? What did we learn? Was it a fiction or no fiction book? Today have a read of this book;

Click here to read all about frogs

Talk about facts that’s you know about frogs, have a go at writing your own fact and drawing an illustration. Remember to use finger spaces and full stops in the correct place. Use your phonics to help you write.

1 hour


Warm up: Show me game, number cards to 20 and ask children to show you card, 1 more than, 1 less than etc

Play this counting game;  

Main: Finding half/halving a group of objects to 10

What is half? Listen to this fun song to remind you.

Have a go at halving a group of objects to 10, in school we count the objects first and then split practically between 2 ‘one for you, one for me etc’ how many do we both have? is it fair? Why? Link to number bonds i.e 5+5=10 so half of 10 is 5. You might like to explore this activity where you ned to help the pirates share their treasure.


20 minutes

Counting Frogs Video

1 hour



Online DFE approved phonics lessons, ideal if you want to get on with your work/jobs while they watch. Click here to access

Mrs Allard/Mrs Whitehouse  -

Introduce ur sound as in hurt, watch this clip with Mr. Thornes

Write these words for the children and see if they can read the words, encourage them to underline ur sound; church, turn, burn, hurt, fur, surf.

Mrs Deakin-Smith/Miss Newton/Mrs Miles groups:

Th sound as in bath. Watch this clip on ‘th’ and see how many th words you can think of. Can you write any th words?

Lunch Break

20 minutes


Read a story from your reading book band on big cat phonics. Access here using the password below.

User name:

Password: Parents20!


1 hour

Child Initiated Time

If you like choose one of the activities below or choose your own play, we know how good you all are at playing:

  • Paint or draw your own frog
  • Colour in a frog, how many different shades of green can you use? You might like to invent your own frog, a patterned frog, rainbow frog
  • Go on a hunt for frogs outside or if not make some frogs and hide them around the house and see if your brothers and sisters/parents find them, have fun!
  • Make sure own frog with playdough
  • Can you jump like a frog, how far can you jump, how high can you jump, how long can you jump for?

5 minutes

Reflection Time: Think about who helped you today, how can you thank them.