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EYFS - May 21st 2020

Please note this is a guide of what children will be doing in school, there is no requirement for all of these tasks to be completed each day! Timings are just a guide, do what suits you and your child each day.

Learning Timetable



10 minutes

Handwriting Practise

Practice writing your first and second name and your home address, as if you were sending a letter!

30 minutes

Understanding of the World.

Click here to watch what Peppa and George want to be when they grow up!
(The story is the first one, about 4 mins long)

What would you like to be when you get older? What jobs do you parents do? Ask then to tell you a little about their job, and what they wanted to be when they were younger.

1 hour

Maths:  Money

Play one of the games on Money on Topmarks

This one is order amounts. click here then play the game attached. You will need a handful of 1ps and 5ps. Or you could make some coins of your own with circles of paper.



20 minutes


Online DFE approved phonics lessons, if you want to top up phonics skills whilst you work.. Click here to access


Mrs Allard/Mrs Whitehouse  -

Working on the ear and air sounds today. Can you remind yourself of some of the words you heard those sounds in? Complete the activity sheet.

Mrs Deakin-Smith/Miss Newton/Mrs Miles groups: -

Watch Mrs Jones video sent on Twitter or Mr T Phonics – oa sound click here

​​​​​​​Activity: Complete the oa booklet

1 hour

English: Design a poster about what you’d like to do when you get older.

You may want to find pictures from magazines, draw pictures etc. Add some writing to explain what you would have to do in your job.

Lunch Break

20 minutes


I’ve used with the children in school. Free to join for parents and some great PE activities. imoves

click here to register for free.



1 hour

Child Initiated Time

choose an activity from the suggestions below or play something you really want to:

  • Make a baby book. Ask an adult to help make a book of pictures from when you were a baby to now.
  • Choose your favourite animal. Can you use the Internet (with an adult) to find out some key facts about how they grow and change?
  • Have a picnic with your favourite dolls/toys.
  • Collect shoes/clothes form the people in your house. Can you put them in size order?
  • Do some dressing up! Ask an adult or and older brother and sister if you can try on some of their clothes!
  • Make a mask of people who help us to use in your play. use the pdf templates provided. Lots to choose from so don’t print them all!

5 minutes

Relax and reflect.

What have you enjoyed about today? Have a chat to an adult or relax with a good book.​​​​​​​