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EYFS - May 6th 2020

Please note this is a guide of what children will be doing in school, there is no requirement for all of these tasks to be completed each day! Timings are just a guide, do what suits you and your child each day.

Learning Timetable



10 minutes

Handwriting practise – practise writing your first and last names – have a go at writing on lines. Remember to keep your writing small.

1 hour


Remind the children that on Friday it is VE day. VE day is a celebration day. Some people celebrate it every year. It marks the end of World War II. This year its is 75 years since World II ended. We are going to plan a party (In our homes/gardens only)

  • Every good party needs food! What food will you have at your party? Do you think the food that you will have will be the same as the food they had 75 years ago? Food needed to be used and chosen carefully because they didn’t have much. Choose your food carefully – think about what ingredients you already have in your house (we can not go shopping too much).

Using the template provided  – write down a small list of food you would like at the VE day party. Remember to use your sounds to help you write words and keep your writing neat and small.

1 hour


Warm up: 1 more and 1 less Click here Click here

Counting in 2s


20 minutes

Sign Language

Lesson 3 – Colours - Click here


30 minutes


Mrs Allard/Mrs Whitehouse

Recap the sound ar (ar start the car). Read the words that have the ar sound in them – are these words real or nonsense? Colour the real words in one colour and the nonsense words in another colour.

Mrs Deakin-Smith/Miss Newton/Mrs Miles groups:

Mr T Phonics – ch sound click here

Complete My Ch Workbook

How many words can you read?  chop, chin, such, chip, much, rich


Lunch Break

20 minutes


Listen to a story – ask an adult or sibling to read to you or get your own reading book and read to your grown up/siblings or toys 😊


1 hour

Child Initiated Time

Choose one of the activities below:

  • Make a medal – using any craft or junk materials you have around the house (tin foil is good for making medals)
  • Decorate a British flag – do you know which colours are in the British Flag?
  • Make Bunting to for party
  • Cooking – what food will you have at the party? Look at some of the World War II recipes attached. Could you cook a traditional recipe or would you prefer some of your favourite foods?
  • Listen to some traditional VE days songs on YouTube. Is it like the music we have today? How would you dance to it? Maybe you could see how people used to dance to the music.

5 minutes

Shared Reading

Read your reading book – or share a story with your family