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EYFS - WB 12th October 2020

EYFS Learning Timetable 




20 minutes

Independent Reading

Please read your reading book independently. Talk about the characters and setting with an adult. When you have finished, retell the story to an adult.

You can access online reading books through a free Oxford Reading Owl account:


40 minutes


Please follow the unit on the National Oak Academy website.

Monday (lesson 1):

Tuesday (lesson 2):

Wednesday (lesson 3):

Thursday (lesson 4):

Friday (lesson 5):




30 minutes



Please click on the link below and follow a lesson. If you click onto ‘videos’ you will be able to locate Reception lessons. Start from lesson 1 as this will ensure children do not miss out on any sounds. 

40 minutes



Please complete the writing unit from Oak National Academy.  If you have not completed the previous work on this unit, you can find the first set of lessons (1-5) here:


Monday (lesson 6):

Tuesday (lesson 7):

Wednesday (lesson 8):

Thursday (lesson 9):

Friday (lesson 10):



1 hour

All about me

Please alternate between the subjects below:

Understanding the World:

Music :