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Tinywoods – Behaviour

At Tinywoods pre-school, we believe that in order for children to learn effectively they need a caring and structured environment, which is well ordered and where everyone knows what is expected of them. Children are free to develop their play and learning without fear of being hurt or hindered by anyone else. We expect that all children will behave well and we recognise the role that all staff and other adults have in encouraging good standards of behaviour. We promote the development of self- discipline in children and encourage them to take responsibility for their actions in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. The pre-school promotes a positive atmosphere where children are encouraged and praised for their efforts.

Tinywoods has a behaviour policy. Inappropriate behaviour is dealt with in a sensitive manner, relevant to young children. Any persistent problems will be dealt with in co-operation with the parents of the child concerned.

Tinywoods – Lunchtime

Tinywoods provides lunch-time care for children for 30 minutes. Children can either bring a packed lunch or purchase a school meal. This provision may be paid for by parents. Owing to the number of children who suffer from life threatening allergies peanut butter, nuts and nut produce should NOT be included in lunch boxes.

Tinywoods – Equal Opportunities

Tinywoods promotes a policy of equal opportunities to prevent discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender or disability and to increase respect for others. We recognise the diversity of cultures in our setting through our resources and the wide range of festivals we celebrate. We promote the recognition and inclusion of children with special educational needs through our policy and support.

Tinywoods – Facilities

We believe that high quality care and education is promoted by providing children with safe, clean, attractive toys, which are age and stage appropriate.

Pre-school links closely to reception and operates in a Foundation Stage unit. Outdoors there is a playground containing large play equipment and a sand pit.

There is a wide range of play equipment available for use by the children which includes bikes, trikes, scooters, home play and building materials. The unit also has the use of ICT via an interactive touch screen, computer and a range of portable resources including remote toys, etc. All equipment is provided to promote all areas of children’s learning and development and help consolidate and extend children’s knowledge, skills and interests.

Tinywoods – Health

Tinywoods promotes a healthy lifestyle and a high level of hygiene. Our snack times promote healthy eating. Children are taught to wash their hands before eating or touching food and also after using the toilet.

Should your child become unwell during their session, we will contact you and ask for your child to be collected for their own comfort and that of other children in the provision. This is essential to minimise the risk of infecting other children or staff. Similarly, parents are asked not to bring their child in to pre-school if they are unwell, not only to avoid spreading infection but for the sake of the child who will be more comfortable resting quietly at home rather than in the dynamic surroundings of the pre-school.

In the event of a minor accident, you will receive a note to tell you what treatment has been administered.

For safety reasons children are not allowed to wear jewellery to pre-school, other than for religious purposes.

Tinywoods – Non-Attendance

Please endeavour to arrive on time for the start of the session (9am or 12:30pm). Children can find it unsettling to join the group late when everyone else is busy with an activity or engaged in play. Parents have a responsibility to meet the agreed contractual arrangements of our setting with regard to arrival and collection times. There are times when parents are unavoidably delayed in collecting their children. Please telephone the Pre-school if you anticipate being late to collect your child, so we can reassure your child and explain the reason this has happened.

For the safety of the children in our care, they will only be handed over to their parent or nominated person. Parents are requested to inform a member of staff, so that we can write this on the message board, should someone else be collecting your child.

If these requirements have not been met the child’s parents will be contacted before the child is released.

If your child is not able to attend pre-school, it would be appreciated if you could contact us to inform us of the reason.

Tinywoods – Parent & Carer Involvement

Parents are their children’s prime carers and educators. We believe that children benefit most from Early Years education and care, where parents are working together in partnership. We will support parents throughout their child’s time at the setting and involve you as much as possible. Our doors are always open and we welcome parents to come and discuss any concerns with us. A parents evening will be held in October and July and an open evening at the end of the Spring term. This offers an excellent opportunity for parents to discuss their child with their keyworker. However, you are always welcome to visit us to discuss your child’s achievements and any concerns that you may have. We encourage parents to take an active part in the management of the pre-school, via the committee, and welcome contributions in whatever forms they may take.

We particularly appreciate parent support in the following:

  • Bringing in items to support topics
  • Sharing hobbies or skills
  • Joining the committee
  • Attending pre-school meetings
  • Completing surveys/questionnaires to provide feedback.

We also operate a WOW wall where we would ask you to tell us things your child achieves at home/home observations.We keep parents up-to-date using a secure Twitter account with information as well as any focused activities taking place that week.

Tinywoods – Snacks & Drinks

All children will receive a mid-morning/ afternoon snack consisting of milk, water and a light snack i.e. Fruit. In addition to this you may wish to provide your child with a water bottle to bring with them, so that they have free access to a drink throughout their session.

Tinywoods – Uniform

Children in pre-school should wear a white polo shirt and a red sweatshirt/fleece with the pre-school logo on. These will be available from the school office. These help the children to feel they are ‘going to school’ which can help if they have older brothers or sisters who wear a ‘uniform’ to school. Simple clothing which they can handle themselves will enable them to go to the toilet easily and to put on and take off their outdoor clothes without being too dependent on other people’s help.

Children take part in forest school and will need a waterproof suit, warm clothes and wellingtons for this activity.

Children occasionally have ‘accidents’ therefore, please send in a spare set of clothes in a named bag.

We ask that all items that children bring into pre-school, including shoes, wellingtons and coats are clearly labelled with the child’s name.