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KS1 - 8th June 2020

Home Learning

Daily maths activities
(aim to do at least 1 per day)

Daily English activities
(aim to do at least 1 per day)



Choose a passage from your reading book or a favourite poem and copy this out, using your neatest handwriting – pay attention to tall and long letters (check your reading planners for correct formation and orientation).

Mental health and well-being activities

  • Look at the Recovery Curriculum planning for this week, choose one or two of those activities to do.
  • Complete ‘PE with Joe’ through YouTube
  • Take part in some Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Use the resources you have at home to do some free drawing or painting.

Put some calming music on and complete some mindfulness colouring – there is an ocean colouring sheet here you could use.





This week’s topic: Feelings and Ocean Day

One of our golden rules at Lightwoods is, ‘We care for everyone and everything’.

We care about you.  How are you feeling?

Write or draw about how lockdown has made you feel?

How has the lockdown affected you and your environment?

Monday 8th June is World Ocean Day, click here,  there are lots of different videos you can watch where you can learn about the world’s oceans. 

  • Wear blue clothes on Monday 8th June to celebrate.
  • Find the 5 different oceans on a globe or in an atlas.  Can you name them? Complete The Five oceans labelling map.  Colour the land in green and the oceans in blue.
  • Find out about different animals that live in the oceans. Are any sea creatures endangered?  Create a fact file for one.
  • Create a collage and/or painting of your chosen sea creature.
  • Can you write a poem about your sea creature?  Maybe you could try an acrostic.  See Mrs Jones’ example here!
  • Create a 3D Under the Sea scene using boxes and other recycled materials – for ideas -
  • What can you do to protect the environment?  Perhaps you could do some litter picking on your next walk or visit to the park.
  • Please share anything that you make and do to our Twitter pages for us to see.