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School Day

School Hours:

  School Day Breaktime Lunchtime
EYFS Reception, Years 1 & 2: 9:00–3:30pm 10:45–11:00am
(plus an additional break
at various time during the afternoon)
Years 3 – 6: 8:45–3:15pm 10:30–10:45am 12:00–1:15pm
  • Parents must ensure that their children are dropped to school at the start of the school day. This ensures that all children are ready for the start of the school day and are registered for their morning mark.

  • Children must be collected from their doors at the end of the school day and must be accompanied by somebody over the age of 16. If somebody else is picking up your child at the end of the day, you must inform the school office as soon as possible.

  • Children in year 6 may be allowed to walk home on their own however prior notice must be given.

  • There is very limited parking near both schools so if you do need to drive, please be considerate of our local residents by parking a little distance away from the school to avoid congestion and to also ensure the safety of our children. Please do not park over any of the resident’s driveways or obstruct their vehicles.