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UKS2 - June 8th 2020

Home Learning

Daily maths activities
(aim to do at least 1 per day)

Daily English activities
(aim to do at least 1 per day)

  • Spend 10 minutes on Times Table Rockstars.
  • Use the Bitesize website to complete the learning for the day.
  • Watch the videos and complete the activities through White Rose Home Learning.
  • Use the I See Maths Home Learning page to have a go at a range of reasoning and problem-solving activities!
  • Practise some mental maths facts:
      • Year 5: Square numbers up to 12 x 12; cubed numbers for 2, 3, 4 & 5; Multiplying or dividing any number by 10 and 100 (including decimals)
      • Year 6: Halves of any number up to 100 (including where the answer has a decimal); Multiplication of multiples of 10 and 100 based on known facts (e.g. 40 x 40 = 1600)



Watch Newsround. As you watch, make notes about the main stories and then share these notes with a family member.

Mental health and well-being activities

  • Complete ‘PE with Joe’ through YouTube
  • Take part in some Cosmic Kids Yoga.
  • Use the resources you have at home to do some free drawing or painting.
  • Put some calming music on and complete some mindfulness colouring.
  • Create a ‘Happiness Space/Wall’ in your house. Each day, write down something you are happy about or grateful for and add it to your space!
  • Use the ‘Mylife’ YouTube page and use the children’s mindfulness videos to practise breathing techniques.

This week’s topic: Feelings and Ocean Day

On Monday 8th June, it is World Ocean Day. Start the day by watching the following video. Then choose some of the following activities to complete through the week:

  • Create some ocean-inspired origami, following the instructions from the WWF website.
  • Conduct some research into coral reefs and the dangers they are facing. Create an information poster to explain these threats. You could use this website to help you -
  • Use the BBC Live Lesson PowerPoint to watch a Blue Planet lesson and learn about some of the dangers facing our oceans. You could create a leaflet about ‘Saving our Sharks’ if you wanted to.
  • You can find lots more resources and activities to explore of the World Ocean Day website

One of our golden rules at Lightwoods is, ‘We care for everyone and everything’.

We care about you.  How are you feeling?

  • Positive affirmations are something which some adults use to help them feel positive, even on a bad day. These include things like, “I am good enough” and “I can conquer all that is thrown at me today”. Can you come up with some of your own positive affirmations?
  • Watch this clip from Inside Out. Pause at the countdown - can you guess the different feelings?
  • Complete the Inside Out Activity Booklet, thinking about different things which make you feel happy, sad, worried etc…


In the news this week..

There has been a lot of media coverage surrounding the events taking place in the United States and children may have heard about some of these events. Below are some books and resources which could be used to discuss these issues in an age-appropriate way. You may wish to check these resources before showing them to your children: