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Year 1 - 22nd February

 Suggested duration of learning

Year 1 Learning Timetable



30 minutes

Morning TEAMS meeting at 9.30am

This live morning meeting will be an opportunity to keep in touch with your teacher each morning. You teacher will greet you and explain the online learning and activities for the day.


We are going to do Fluent in 5 each morning with you as well as a joint phonics session.

You will need something to write with and something to write on.


We will record the meeting so that anyone who cannot join us live, can still access the learning.


1 hour


Please follow the link to today’s lesson. You can follow along and do the tasks on the video and then share your work on Seesaw either by taking a photo of your paper or typing it up: See Seesaws all this week for Literacy

· Monday: To discuss what I know about traditional stories

· Tuesday: To explore traditional/fairy tale characters

· Wednesday: To explore traditional/fairy tale structures

· Thursday: To describe the characters

  • Friday: To use inference to describe characters thoughts and feelings




20 minutes


Your new spelling rule is introduced on a Thursday, practiced throughout the week and tested on the following Thursday. Make sure you are logged into Spellzone and using the links below, so that your teacher can see your efforts and track your progress.


Monday – Games on Spellzone linked to this week’s spellings

Tuesday – Handwriting see Seesaw

Wednesday – Look, cover, spell, check activity on Spellzone

Thursday – Test on previous weeks spellings. Presentation on new spellings on Seesaw.

Friday – Look, cover, spell, check activity on Spellzone for new spellings

 15 minutes


1 hour



Please visit the link  below to find and watch the video for each day’s lesson. Then, log into Seesaw and complete the worksheet to practise the skills from the lesson. There are PowerPoint presentations on Seesaw for each lesson which you may find easier to follow with your child.


· Monday: order numbers

· Tuesday:  order numbers

· Wednesday: counting in steps of 2

· Thursday: counting in steps of 5

· Friday: counting in steps of 2 and 5

1 hour



1 hour

Wider curriculum

Please follow the appropriate day’s lesson, most are provided via Oak National Academy. Watch the video carefully and then share your outcomes with your teacher on Seesaw.


30 minutes


Choose a daily activity from:


· Practice this week’s PE skill – This is PE Lesson 9 – #ThisIsPE - Fast feet - YouTube

· You could submit a video of yourself on Seesaw if you feel confident in the skill!

· PE with Joe


30 minutes

Bug Club


Log on to Bug club and read a book that has been allocated to you by your Teacher.  Remember to complete the quizzes too.


ActiveLearn: Login (



Every week, we will be providing learning to help and support with wellbeing. Each activity will be the same across school so that families can take part together if they choose.


BBC Own It: Have well-being videos about taking time away from devices. Watch these short videos, then draw a picture about how to take time out to relax and reflect: