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Year 1 Fir

Welcome to Year 2 Cedar.
Your class teacher for Cedar is Mrs Sudera/Miss Cawtheray.
Your support staff are: Mrs Bate.

The children will focus on:

  1. Probable key texts: The Everywhere Bear and The Bear and the Piano
  2. Synthetic phonics – Phase 3-5
  3. Stories with a familiar setting.
  4. Stories with predictable and patterned language.
  5. Labels, lists and captions.
  6. Diary entry writing
  7. Developing
  8. Writing narratives
  9. Instructions.
  10. Handwriting will concentrate on letter formation with precursive.

The children will be involved in guided and shared reading to develop language, to build comprehension and inference skills.

The children will focus on:

  1. Recognise numbers to 100 and ordering numbers on a number line.
  2. Mental maths – learning number facts to 5, 10 and 20.
  3. Understanding number and place value – ordering and writing numbers 1-100.
  4. Addition and subtraction – facts for 10 and 20.
  5. Length and Height  – using non-standard and standard units.
  6. 2D shapes – naming shapes and recognising their properties.
  7. Months of the year and days of the week – reading and ordering.
  8. Chronological order
  9. Money – recognising coins and notes.

The children will cover the topics ‘Everyday Materials’ and ‘Animals including Humans’.

Seasonal changes will be covered across the three terms with this terms focus on signs of Autumn.

The children will cover the topic “Toys”

In history, we will be looking at how toys have changed since Victorian times. 

In geography, we will be investigating the weather in “How does the weather affect our lives”. We will be investigating what weather is and how it changes through the seasons.

The unit of work will be working on initial “computer skills”.

We will be learning how to use a basic “paint” programme.

The children will focus on:

  1. Printing – using fruits and vegetables, tiles and sponges.
  2. Collage – using images and small pieces of paper.

Design and Technology

  1. None this term please see Spring Term

In music we will be following the Charanga scheme and will begin to explore basic tempo, pitch and dynamics. We will also be learning to keep the beat/pulse to a range of music.

Religious Studies
The children will be exploring the themes of:

  1. How and why some books are holy?
  2. Why does Christmas matter?
  3. How and why do we celebrate special times?

Physical Education
The children will focus on the skills of dance and sports games.

Forest School
Children will have weekly Forest School sessions for half a term.  Suitable outdoor clothing and wellies will be needed (and a plastic bag to transport any muddy clothes).

SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural)
SMSC is linked to our work on British Values and Personal and Social Education.   This work is undertaken through whole school activities including theme weeks, visits and visitors. 

This term we will be looking at “being me in my world” which focuses on helping others and caring about other people’s feelings and “Celebrating differences” which focuses on similarities and differences in year 1.

Ten spellings will be sent out to be learnt each week. Tests will be on Mondays

Reading –Your child should be encouraged to read regularly at home, including reading themselves and shared or paired reading with another person.

Doodlemaths tasks are set when appropriate.

Children are encouraged to use Doodlemaths at home.

Dudley Zoo to observe animals and to visit Santa.

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