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Year 2 - 6th July 2020

Home Learning - Year 2

Activity: Attachments:

Weekly Greeting:

Welcome to the week with Mrs Smith!


Independent Reading/Phonics

Read a book of your choice. Talk about the characters and the setting. Predict what might happen next. You can access books through the Oxford Owl website

Practise your phonics with the DfE videos. See the document for the link you will need and the schedule of lessons.

Phonics Document for the Week


Here is a comprehension for you to complete. There are three levels of challenge so choose the level you think is most suitable for you.

The Enormous Turnip - Comprehension


The following PowerPoint contains the links to your daily lessons on the Oak National Academy website.

English Document for the Week


Monday - watch the PowerPoint and look at your new spellings.

Tuesday - Activity.

Wednesday - handwriting.

Thursday - activity.

Friday - Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check!

Question Words and SPaG Terms

Question Words and SPaG Terms - Word Search

Handwriting Practice

Spelling at home

Word Map

Look, Say. Cover, Write and Check! Activity


Within the following PowerPoint, you will find the links to each of the videos for the daily lessons. Please access the appropriate link for each day and complete the attached worksheets; the answers are available for each day.

Maths - Weekly Template

Maths Questions - Monday

Maths Answers - Monday

Maths Questions - Tuesday

Maths Answers - Tuesday

Maths Questions - Wednesday

Maths Answers - Wednesday

Maths Questions - Thursday

Maths Answers - Thursday

Foundation subjects

Please access the following...

Year 2 - Foundation Subjects

My ambitions for next year


"For this term, we have found a variety of PE lessons that you can choose from, in addition to PE with Joe.

Remember to do this in a safe space and where an adult can see you.

PE at Home

Shared Reading

This week, Mrs Smith & Mrs Gill will be reading you a range of stories.

Shared Reading Document