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Year 2 - May 19th 2020​​​​​​​

Please note this is a guide of what children will be doing in school, there is no requirement for all of these tasks to be completed each day! Timings are just a guide, do what suits you and your child each day.

Learning Timetable



30 minutes

PE with Joe!

Get active with Joe Wick’s 30-minute fitness videos. You can access today’s video here.

15 minutes


Listen to ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. To watch click here.

  • Activity: What would you put in your magic box? Write/draw/collect 3 items that you would put in your magic box and begin your magic box poem.


In my magic box I will put,

A crumbling, crunching corner of the richest chocolate in town,

The chatter of a monkey as it swings through the treetops above my head,

The thick, gloopy mud that gets your wellies stuck.

1 hour


White Rose Maths have stopped their free online worksheets. You can still access the videos for free. If you would like to carry on with those, click here.

Alternatively, The Oak National Academy are providing free online learning videos, quizzes and activities. I have chosen lessons which cover aspects of the Year 2 curriculum we know the children need to recap. Click here to take you to the lesson on using the language of rotation. You will need a pen and paper/book to complete this lesson.

Fun extras – write out the different turns on pieces of paper. Using a teddy pick up a piece of paper and complete the turn using your teddy. Ask a grown up to check.


20 minutes

Spelling Practice

This week’s spelling rule is:  Apostrophes for possession.

To find out more you can work through the powerpoint or watch the video found here.
Have a go at writing these out in your neatest handwriting. Don’t forget to put the apostrophe in the right place. 

  1. Megan’s
  2. Ravi’s
  3. the girl’s
  4. the child’s
  5. the man’s
  6. the woman’s
  7. the school’s
  8. a dog’s
  9. a teacher’s​​​​​​
  10. a postman’s

1 hour


Whilst at Edgmond Hall you would have eaten lots of lovely homemade meals. Here is a menu for the three days you would have been there:

Lunch – Jacket potatoes, beans and cheese
Dinner – Lasagne with salad and garlic bread

Lunch – Sandwiches, crisps and a piece of fruit
Dinner – Vegetable curry with rice and naan bread

Lunch – Tuna pasta bake
Dinner – Fish fingers, chips and peas

Either choose a day, or do all three if you would like, and make a shopping list for the cooks. Write a sentence using commas in a list for each meal.

E.g. For lunch you will need 40 jacket potatoes, 20 cans of baked beans and 3 blocks of mature cheddar cheese.

Lunch Break

20 minutes

Doodle Maths

Log in to DoodleMaths and complete the extras set by your teachers.

20 minutes


Choose a different game each day.  Remember to practice your current phases (Phase 3- phase 6).

Username: march20             Password: home

1 hour


Topic – Science

Plan a balanced lunch based on the following criteria:

  • Your lunch must include a sandwich,
  • Your lunch must include at least one carbohydrate, one dairy product, one portion of fruit, one portion of vegetables and one source of meat/protein.
  • Your lunch can include one product that contains fat/oil/sugar (eg chocolate bar)


My healthy lunch would be a sandwich made from bread (carbohydrate), cucumber (fruit), lettuce (vegetable), tomatoes (fruit) and ham (meat/protein). I will also have a yoghurt (dairy), an apple (fruit) and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps (fat/oil/sugar) to go with it.

You could either draw/write out your list of ingredients and the equipment you will need to make it and then write a set of instructions for your grown ups to follow. If they can, they could make this healthy lunch for you in the days to come so you must make sure your instructions are clear.

20 minutes

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Give yourself some time to relax with some yoga and mindfulness by following the link here

5 minutes

Reading with a teddy

Pick your favourite teddy and read a book to them.