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Year 3 - 23rd November

Year 3 Learning Timetable 

 Time/ Duration



20 minutes

Fluent in Five & Rapid Reasoning

Log into Seesaw and complete the Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning questions for today.



15 minutes

Independent Reading

Read your reading book for 15 minutes. Then complete the daily activity, using the sheet provided.

  • Monday - I know, I wonder, I infer
  • Tuesday - Finding out the meaning of new vocabulary
  • Wednesday - Summarise the text in no more than 3 sentences
  • Thursday - Predict what you think will happen next
  • Friday - Practise reading an extract aloud to an adult or family member. Ask them for some feedback and then re-read the text again!



1 hour



Please click on the link to find and watch the video for each day’s lesson. Then, log into Seesaw and complete the worksheet to practise the skills from the lesson.

  • Monday: Multiply by 3 Video
  • Tuesday: Divide by 3 Video
  • Wednesday: 3 times table Video
  • Thursday: Log straight onto Seesaw for a problem-solving activity
  • Friday: log straight onto Seesaw for your retrieval grid activity



15 minutes



15 minutes


Spelling Practice

Please log in to Spellzone and practise this week's spelling list

Autumn 2, Study the word list: Week 4 - Creating adverbs using the suffix -ly


1 hour


Please follow the link to today’s lesson. Make sure you complete your learning activity on Seesaw and submit this to your teacher:

  • Monday: LO: GPS (log onto Seesaw for a PowerPoint and worksheet)
  • Tuesday: LO:  To edit the first section Video
  • Wednesday: LO: To plan the second section of a report Video
  • Thursday: LO: To write the second section of a report Video
  • Friday: LO: To write the closing section of a report Video


45 mins

English – Reading session

Please follow the link to today’s lesson. Make sure you complete your learning activity from the video then submit this to your teacher via SeeSaw, take a photo of your work:

  • Monday: Spelling test, use the spelling test activity on Spellzone
  • Tuesday: LO: To analyse language Video
  • Wednesday: LO: To analyse a character’s emotions Video
  • Thursday: LO: Log onto Seesaw for a comprehension activity.
  • Friday: LO: PSHE: King of the Road: Video

1 hour



20 minutes


Log into the MyOn website and use the log ins you have already been provided with to select and read a book from your personalised library.


 1 hour


Please follow the appropriate day’s lesson, provided via Oak National Academy. Watch the video carefully and complete the activity in the video, then log onto Seesaw upload the learning activity, you could take a photo of it:


  • Monday: Science: Why is method important? Video
  • Tuesday: History: How did the Bronze age change how humans lived? Video
  • Wednesday: Geography: What are the countries of Europe? Video
  • Thursday: RE: What is the sacred text of Christianity? Video
  • Friday: Music: Exploring 3 beats in a bar Video


15 minutes


Have a go at this week’s PE challenge. Send a photograph or video to Seesaw to show us your hard work.

Be gymnasts at home with British Gymnastics! Session one (shapes)


15 minutes

Times Tables

Practise your times tables on TT Rockstars.
Click here to go to the TT Rockstars website.