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Year 4 - May 20th 2020

Please note this is a guide of what children will be doing in school, there is no requirement for all of these tasks to be completed each day! Timings are just a guide, do what suits you and your child each day.

Learning Timetable



30 minutes

PE with Joe!

Get active with Joe Wick’s 30-minute fitness videos. You can access today’s video here.

15 minutes

Read your reading book!

Activity:  Summarise the text in no more than 3 sentences.

15 minutes

Fluent in Five

Complete Wednesday’s activities from the ‘Fluent in Five’ pack. Ask an adult to check your answers, using the answer sheet provided!

Rapid Reasoning

Complete Wednesday’s questions. Use the answer sheet to check your answers and to help you to correct any mistakes.

45 minutes


Below, there is a link for Oak National Academy, which is an online school that is run by teachers. Your task is to follow the learning journey this week, this includes watching the virtual lessons and completing the activities. You will need to press the 'next activity' button to advance the lesson.

Lesson 8: Measures – Length: Ribbon Riddle


20 minutes

Spelling test/practise

Use the Spelling Menu from your Home Learning pack and use one of the activities to practise this week’s spellings!

Non-stick, non-stop, non-starter, non-smoker, nonsense, non-fiction, non-drip, non-violent, non-profit, non-believer

1 hour


 'Amazing Aliens'. 

  • It’s time to write your log!
  • Use all the work you have done over the last few weeks (as well as the model text on Zargon 9) to help you.
  • At the bottom of page 17 there is a helpful list of things for you to include in your writing 😊
Lunch Break

20 minutes


Practise your times tables on the website below:

1 hour

MFL – Spanish

  • Below, is a link for the Oak National Academy. In this lesson, we will recap the alphabet and numbers as well as saying our name and age in Spanish. Today we are going to recap how to say numbers up to 31 in Spanish and the months of the year so we can say when our birthday is!

Saying your birthday in Spanish.

20 minutes

Watch Newsround

Click here to watch today’s update.

Discuss the main stories with a partner or family member.