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Year 5 - May 19th 2020​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Please note this is a guide of what children will be doing in school, there is no requirement for all of these tasks to be completed each day! Timings are just a guide, do what suits you and your child each day.

Learning Timetable



30 minutes

PE with Joe!

Get active with Joe Wick’s 30-minute fitness videos. You can access today’s video here. This will be live streamed at 9:30am, or available to replay any time after that.

15 minutes

Daily Reading Skills: Wonderful words

Read your reading book then choose 3 words which are unfamiliar or new to you. Work out their meaning using clues from the text, then check with a partner or dictionary.

1 hour


This week we are doing a Talk For Writing unit based on a short story called Meet the Rhi-swno-zeb-tah. Click here to access the resource pack.

Today we are going to look at word meanings. Complete the sections on pages 9 -11 entitled Let’s Explore The Words, Example/Non Example, Fill The Gaps and Review Learning.


10 minutes

Daily Maths Skills

Fluent in Five – have a go at these five fluency questions

  1. 93,214 – 7,483 =
  2. 8 x 3 x 7 =
  3. 90 – 78 =
  4. 6/7 + 2/7 =
  5. 3,703 ÷ 7 =

45 minutes


Convert between grams and kilograms

In our seventh lesson of this unit, we will be focusing on converting between grams and kilograms. We will start the lesson with a focus on how and why we measure in grams in kilograms, before moving onto converting between grams and kilograms and then finishing with how to read scales in which not all numbers are shown.

This is a link for Oak National Academy, which is an online school that is run by teachers. Your task is to follow the learning journey this week, this includes watching the virtual lessons and completing the activities. You will need to press the 'next activity' button to advance the lesson.

20 minutes


This week’s words are all words with /ear/ sound spelt with ‘ere’

The words are:

sincere, interfere, sphere, adhere, severe, persevere, atmosphere, mere, hemisphere, austere

Practice writing out your spelling words in your best cursive handwriting.

Lunch Break

20 minutes


Practise your times tables on the website below:


1 hour


Insect Life Cycles

Read about and compare the life cycles of three different insects – the honey bee, the mason bee and the butterfly.

5 minutes

Shared Reading

Click here to listen and follow along with the next instalment of Street Child.