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Year 5 - May 6th 2020​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Please note this is a guide of what children will be doing in school, there is no requirement for all of these tasks to be completed each day! Timings are just a guide, do what suits you and your child each day.

Learning Timetable



30 minutes

PE with Joe!

Get active with Joe Wick’s 30-minute fitness videos. You can access today’s video here. This will be live streamed at 9:30am, or available to replay any time after that.

15 minutes

Daily Reading Skills: Sumplify

Read your reading book then summarise the text in no more than 3 sentences.

1 hour


This week’s theme is Poetry, using the ‘Lock Down Write Up’ poetry resources from local Birmingham Poet Laureate finalist, Alan (Kurly) McGeachie. Today’s poem is an acrostic – watch this video again to hear Kurly’s ideas and inspiration for writing this type of poem.

Then, use the templates provided in the document to write your own lockdown-inspired rhyming poems using pages 9 to 11. I’d love to read your creations so get sharing!


10 minutes

Daily Maths Skills

Fluent in five

  1. 2/3 of 999 =
  2. 1,705 – 405 =
  3. 17,543 – 15,636 =
  4. 765 x 10 =
  5. 73 x 17 =

45 minutes


15 minutes


Your words for this week are all adverbials of time.

The words are: yesterday, tomorrow, later, immediately, earlier, eventually, recently, previously, finally, lately

Complete the spelling word search.
Lunch Break

20 minutes


Practise your times tables on the website below:


20 minutes

Comprehension activity

Follow the on-screen instructions to read the text “A weekend in Pompeii” and answer the questions.

1 hour

VE Day Party planning

Although many planned VE Day parties have had to be cancelled, you can still celebrate at home! In this pack you will find some recipes for tasty 1940s dishes, a VE Day poster to display in celebration, lyrics to popular 1940s songs and tips for dancing the Lindy hop swing.

You might also want to learn some 1940s songs to sing such as Lambeth Walk or White Cliffs of Dover.

Have fun!

5 minutes

Do some yoga!